TILT: The Food Matters Project

Who doesn’t love food blogs? Gorgeous photos, delicious looking food, fun backstories about the particular blogger’s experience cooking that dish.

Often the food itself is too complicated for me to make on an average weeknight, but every once in awhile, inspiration strikes. I make a frenzied run to the grocery store, stocking up on ingredients that I would generally find impractical (“why yes, I do think it’s a good time to buy an entire garden of dill, surely I’ll use it before it goes bad”). I wish this sudden urge to cook fancily would happen more often. I remain optimistic than when, one day, I have a larger kitchen with more counter space and an actual pantry to store larger quantities of ingredients, it’ll happen. One day.

That being said, I love food blogs. And recently I discovered a whole network of food bloggers that participate in The Food Matters Project.Each week, one blogger “hosts” the project, choosing a recipe from Mark Bittman’s cookbook of the same name. They post it and include their own interpretation (with gorgeous pictures and amazing fresh ingredients, of course). The other project participants post links to their blogs with their takes on the recipe, ranging from by-the-book to barely-recognizable-but-still-wonderful. To me, the project is perfect: the cookbook it’s working off of encourages the cook to use more produce and less pre-packaged items, so the results are almost fool-proof amazing.

This week’s recipe is Beans and Green Burritos, and the host blog is Good Things Grow. The project organizers even put together a handy Pinterest board of each week’s contributions, so if you’re looking for some quick inspiration without the time to go through all of the blogs, you can glance quickly at the board and choose the ones that look most appealing to you.

Source: joinmefordinner.wordpress.com via Kathryne (Cookie + Kate) on Pinterest

I considered participating this week, but the timeline doesn’t work quite in my favor. However, it’s one of those projects that you can do on your own, as long as you’re disciplined enough to stick with it without the pressure of deadlines. It could be done with any cookbook really…isn’t that what Julie & Julia was about? Maybe I’ll start working my way through my quinoa recipe book…I do have a five pound bag of quinoa gifted to me by a family member that needs working through.


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