TILT: Make Your Own Infographic c/o Good

I’ve already told you I like sharing things. So I’ve officially dedicated Thursdays to said sharing. It’s Things I Love Thursday, or TILT! Because I also love a good acronym.

No one needs to make their own infographic, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun. If you’re skeptical, just look at the enjoyment that making one’s own charts brings to Marshall on How I Met Your Mother:

Are you convinced now? Excellent. One of my favorite websites, Good.is, has a nifty lab where you can make your own pie charts and venn diagrams in about five seconds. If you have a really complicated coffee order at Starbucks, you can probably bang one or two of these out while your barista caters to your every very specific whim.

So go forth and make some venn diagrams and impress your boss and your friends. I know my colleagues are always appreciative when I spend an extra half-second formatting something nicely, so this would blow them away. They have a few color schemes to choose from, and you can drag the circles/pie segments however you need to. Here are the ones I made:


3 thoughts on “TILT: Make Your Own Infographic c/o Good

  1. If only we could post images….How about a Venn Diagram of how Venus is a goddess, the root of “love” diseases, and related to fly traps (?) I shall enjoy this bit of fun. Thanks! ~Regards, Dan

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