Your problems hide in your curls.

I tried hiding my curly hair long before the White Stripes told me they were the root of all of my problems in their song Little Acorns:

Cut up your hair, straighten your curls,
Well, your problems hide in your curls.

Wait, you’re telling me I should pretend I have sleek, straight hair like everyone else? Like that time I went into the restroom at Penn Station and thought I was on a hidden camera show because everyone else had mid-back length straight black hair? Like that?

I’m glad I have curly hair, it’s just a big old pain to deal with in the humidity, or without just the right amount of hair gel, or if I leave it to air dry for just a minute too long. I have long since learned to embrace it, but that doesn’t mean our relationship is without issues.

Yesterday was National Wear Your Hair Curly Day…a perfectly rainy, humid day, perfect for wearing one’s hair au natural. Not really. But it was also a day that featured our first staff lunch in nearly three years, so not only did I get to be a little casual in the hair territory, I got to wear jeans too!

As a StyleWatch magazine Style Hunter, I was given the opportunity to get a free bottle of Garnier’s Curl Down Cream. I usually use a complicated, exact formula* of Garnier spray gels and whatever mousse or cream I happen to have on hand courtesy of the beau. He works with a lot of cosmetics and beauty product brands, and therefore I end up trying a lot more brands than I would ever dream of. That being said, I’m still a Garnier girl. Shampoo, conditioner, the whole nine yards. That sounds like an advertisement but it’s really just the only thing I have brand loyalty for. That, and Sunbelt granola.


Yesterday morning’s hair routine was all happy green bottles: Curl Down Cream and then some Anti-Humidity Hair Spray a short time later. Right before I left my apartment I used a bit of Fiber Gum Putty at the temples to give my thin, limp hair some volume.

The results, what do you think? Apologies for the crappy photo, it was 8AM on my PhotoBooth. Curse you, apartment and your lack of natural light!

Happiness is bright green and a fresh coat of nail polish.

That was first thing in the morning, before I’d ventured out into the world of misty rain and dry office air. After our staff luncheon I went downtown to pick up my cap and gown for next week’s Commencement, and then headed to the Altman Building for the Guinness Experience.

I got home around 7:30PM, and my hair was still holding up pretty well! It was frizzier than it had been in the morning, but some degree of frizz is expected. It was better than other days, so I suppose the curl down cream did it’s job. After wearing my hair down for nearly a week straight it’s back up in “power hair” (tm Better Off Ted) because that’s just easier in the morning. Perhaps one day I’ll live in a climate that isn’t as humid as New York and can will be able to wear my hair down without all of this work more often!

2 thoughts on “Your problems hide in your curls.

  1. I feel your curly hair pain, I live in KS and I can’t control my hair right now. I’ve got just enough curl to make it a complete nightmare so I’m usually in a ponytail. I’m going to have to find this product and give it a try!

    • Definitely! My sister (whose hair is usually frizzier than mine poor thing) swears by “It’s a 10” leave-in products. She buys it at her salon but I’ve seen it at a few beauty supply stores too. I know people always say I should consider myself lucky to have curly hair, but sometimes I just don’t think so! :)

      Thanks for reading!

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