You’re never too old for a temporary tattoo (?)

Last night I went out to a brewery night at one of my favorite bars with a few friends. These friends happen to be very beer savvy. When I say beer savvy, I don’t just mean that they choose Bud instead of Bud Light, I mean they stand on line for rare release bottles, and in one case, brew their own [if you’re wondering, the home-brew is quite good]. After handing in my last assignment of the semester earlier in the day, I was absolutely ready to just sit back, sip on a few delicious beers and enjoy the company.

One of yesterday’s brews, mmm.

Let me set the scene: A half-dozen twentysomethings, in a range of business, business casual, and straight-up casual clothes. A no-frills bar with a good craft beer selection. We’re sitting at our table, nibbling at fries and hamburgers [inevitably made with farm-fresh ingredients and fancy cheese]. Why is this important? I just wanted to establish that this isn’t a dive bar, we’re not coeds looking for the beer pong table. I like to think that we’re a bunch of moderately sophisticated adults, swapping work war stories and general conversation over some good food and drinks.

There. I think you can picture it, right? I’d provide a picture of the bar itself for some additional visuals, but their website is lacking and I don’t want to steal from others.

So I leave the table briefly, and when I return, everyone has a small sticker in front of them. Not just any small sticker: a temporary tattoo. It’s nothing all that revolutionary, just a miniature version of the brewery’s logo. But for some reason, I needed to have one. I looked hopefully at my beau to see if my sad eyes would make him relinquish his. They did, but as he was handing it over, I was given my very own. I felt like a five-year old again, for just a few seconds. It was slightly embarrassing, but I think I hid my sheer joy well enough [until I spilled my true feelings all over this post, of course].

So in short: you’re never too old for a temporary tattoo, right? Assuming I won’t actually use it, and if I do, it won’t be visible to anyone who sees me as remotely professional anyway.

P.S. I consider this a “food post”, so I suppose I should address the beer itself. Yum. Founders is one of those breweries that I never would have discovered if I didn’t have said beer-savvy friends. Last night’s lineup [for me, anyway, I’m sure amongst all of us we tried each of the Founders’ beers on tap] was the Breakfast Stout and Centennial IPA. Both were delicious. I can’t tell you what kind of barrels they ferment in or what the prominent tasting notes are, but just know that they’re good, and if you find yourself at a bar where they’ve got some on tap, I recommend it.


69 thoughts on “You’re never too old for a temporary tattoo (?)

  1. Ha! My children bring those home all the time — and they always encourage me to wear one, too.

    It makes me feel like such a rebel — until I realize it’s a pink bear with a giant heart on its tummy. Maybe not such a rebel…


  2. Founder’s Centennial and Breakfast Stout are both fantastic beers. If you find the Old Curmudgeon; get it. It is absolutely delicious. They have another breakfast stout called the Kentucky Breakfast stout that is only available on the East Coast for about three hours every year and with Philly Beer Week looming, I really hope to find and finally sample it after years of just missing it.

    • I second Breakfast Stout and Curmudgeon… I don’t really care for their IPA though… I am hooked on Zombie Dust from Three Floyds right now.

      • My family is originally from Chicago but I haven’t been back in years. Founders is definitely the midwestern brewery we admire most in New Jersey/Philly area; but I had to look up Three Floyds. Ill have to have my parents pick some up next time they go visit my grandmother instead of Goose Island which has made its way East. I like the IPA quite a bit but I live near Dogfish Head (relatively near) and nobody does IPAs quite so finely. I would recommend the 90 Minute from Dogfish; it could be the best IPA in the world.

        • For the longest time 90 minute was my go to… I think I really ruined it by drinking it too much. I live in South Florida and we do not get Goose Island or Founders here but we trade Cigar City for it often. We are headed to Mass, Delaware, PA for a brewery trip next month (or at least that is the plan) and DF is definitely on our list of places to stop.

  3. The imponderable question: Do I save said tattoo/sticker/kitsch for a rainy day or let my ADD inner child run free and lick and stick that sucker right now?!?! Great post. Stay sophisticated and young at heart! ~Regards, Dan

    • Thanks, Dan! I’m one of those types that wouldn’t be able to wait (although NY has had its fair share of rainy days as of late anyway!)

  4. Great post, and quite a surprise, for a reason that will be apparent in a moment. I had no idea just how popular these temporary tattoos were until recently.

    A dear friend of mine started a temporary tattoo company with one of her good friends and business associate of many years. Their idea is a bit more risque, and I hope you don’t mind me mentioning it here, as it is in the same vein as your story, and probably the only place I could ever mention it.

    The company can be found at and is not only seductively novel, but really catching on, as you will see why if you go to the site.

    Either way, congrats on your selection for freshly pressed, and honor I’ll never receive as my blog is nothing but poorly done guitar licks I’m using as therapy following a few strokes I had a while back. Literally having to relearn playing as I go.

    • I’m sure that had something to do with it…I would imagine if only one of my friends had gotten one I would have much much more “eh” about it.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I am working up the nerve to get a real tattoo on my hip…but you know even a temporary tattoo would make you feel kind of hip, chic and edgy!! All part of the Leap Fearlessly mentality! =)

  6. This post brings me a smile! I’m not likely to get a permanent tattoo, or to encourage my kids to have one. I don’t mind body art, but looking back at all the crazy fads I’ve embraced in years past…OMG- I’d be walking around with Peter Frampton on my ass! I could have an EST tramp stamp- not to mention those ex-boyfriends.
    Temporary tattoos, however, I love. No pain; no lifetime commitment. When my (now teenaged) girls were tots I somehow wound up with a few “Trix” rabbit tattoos. We were going on a ski trip so I brought them along. It became a tradition that continued. We brought them on all family trips. We had “tattoo parlors” at backyard birthday parties. As they grew older we included both of their Girl Scout troops as well. They’ve been out of scouts for almost 2 years now, and I’m just realizing that it’s been that long since I had a tattoo party. I’m missing my girls, and my Trix rabbits, hibiscus flowers and henna paisley thingies. Thanks for the memories!

    • You’re welcome! I’m very glad my mother was of sound mind and didn’t let me get a real tattoo when I was younger, surely I would have regretted it! Even with henna tattoos on vacation she had her standards…I’m sure she would have approved the Trix rabbit though!

  7. Hi Cindie,
    This post made me laugh! My name’s Lee, and I work at Tattoo Manufacturing, the world’s largest temporary tattoo manufacturer. Believe it or not, we make around 7 million temporary tattoos every day! So, you’re clearly not alone in your fascination with temp tats. :) I’m a professional adult, too, and I’ve started to love wearing our tattoos…they add a little fun to a boring day! We have thousands of designs online at Cheers!

  8. Your blog made me very thirsty. The darker the better for me. I like an organic oatmeal stout from New England during the winter.
    I also remember creating a Shakespeare temporary tattoo when I was doing product development for an well known non-profit in DC. Popular yet a bit smaller that yours. Where did you place it?

    • Mmm, oatmeal stout, great choice. I think I’ll be placing it on my left side, ribcage area…it’s nice not worrying about “where will it hurt least?!”

  9. I just happened to stumble on your blog from and saw a founders graphic. I was like what is a Grand Rapids, MI beer doing on

    Just wanted to say, you have good taste!

    • Thanks! It’s one of those beers that I probably never would have tried except for after countless recs from my smarter beer friends. I’m glad I have them around!

  10. I’m friends with the owners of Founders, local to my town, Grand Rapids, MI. I’m passing your post along to them. Congratulations on being freshly pressed!

  11. Controversial perhaps, but I think temporary is the problem with this modern World …commitment is everything! (-though perhaps be careful about what you commit to!)

    • Maybe controversial, but I think it’s a fair point. I also think it has something to do with the incredibly short attention span of young people these days (can I call people younger than me young people? I hope so! The sheer volume of stimuli we get everyday makes it hard to commit to any one thing!

  12. Extra bonus points for being a chick and using it to your advantage to get your man to hand over his tat. We’re suckers for big, beautiful and batting eyes, but we’ll take sad too. And more bonus points for pairing moderate sophistication with craft beer and a Cracker Jack surprise. Seriously, nothing is more awesome than social elegance, great taste and a touch of playfulness. Much better than the Dickies wearing braniac with the Koi tattoo on his arm ordering a Silver Bullet and calling himself a “Renaissance Man” because he’s memorized all of those Dos Equis commercials about the guy with the beard. ..

    • In my neighborhood I have less “Renaissance Men” and more self-proclaimed “foodies” that feel they’re qualified because they’ve eaten fois gras more than once. I’ll take social elegance and great taste over that any day!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  13. A few years back, I accidentally went to a job interview sporting a temp tattoo on my ankle, compliments of my kids. Got the job, and new boss mentioned the tattoo a few days after I started. He was curious about my apparent fascination with Pokemon!

    • Since you got the job, that’s a great story! One of my interviewers at my current job complimented me on the nail polish I wore to my interview *months* later…I didn’t even remember which color it had been but apparently the little things make an impression!

    • I haven’t yet applied it, but I’m leaning towards my side/ribcage area. Easy enough to cover up and nowhere near tramp stamp territory!

  14. Awesome post! I have a similar story of kicking back with some friends and enjoying a dogfish head IPA when my housemate came back from the radio station where he worked with five temporary tattoos. We all also pounced on the opportunity to feel like kids again, looking for the very best places to put an Afroman on ourselves.

    I hope you’re enjoying the feeling of youthful rebellion again!

  15. You’re never too old for a temporary tattoo.. or even permanent one. I got mine tattoos and dad likes the last one, because it’s very philosophical (how he is) so he told me that because of this tattoo, he’s planning on getting one too. Dad’s almost 50 by the way..

    PS. Beer, yum!

  16. Founder’s Backwoods Bastard. The first time I had it, I lost count of how many and had a beer buzz I haven’t had since I was 16. Now I limit it to two or three at most at a time. Great post – beer and temporary tattoos. Stumbled on this through Freshly Pressed, congrats and thanks for the post!

    • Thanks! I’ve certainly learned my limits with their beers, I’m glad they’re so good because it forces you to sit and savor for awhile, rather than knocking them back.

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